People Page Quick Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial on how to use the People Page.

  • For simplicity sake, you can stay in the Customers tab. First, learn to segment your customers by LTV, Number of Orders, or when they purchased a product.

  • e.g. See how many customers you have first without any filters. Then set your LTV to > $100 and take note of how many customers are in this segment.

  • Then try adding the filter of Number of Orders greater than 1 and less than 4, for example. Take note of the number of customers in this section. Perhaps, change the date as well.

  • Then once you're more comfortable with that, we want you to export a list of your highest LTV customers. It is a great way to create lookalike audiences.

    • A great option is to find the LTV price at which you can export ~1,000 customers.

    • Then click on the "Export" button, enter your email and it should be in your inbox in a few minutes!

  • If you want to be slightly more adventurous, head into the "Payments" and "Contacts" tabs above and try to segment customers based on a product they've ordered.

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