Set Up Webhooks

Webhooks pull your sales data in real time and should be set up first before importing historical sales data to avoid gaps in your data

  1. In LTV Numbers’ side navigation bar, go to the "Settings" tab

  2. Click the "Copy" button for your Webhook URL in the “Clickfunnels Integrations” section. This will be your webhook URL for all of your funnels

  3. In a separate browser window or tab, log into your DropFunnels account

  4. In DropFunnels’ side navigation bar, go to Funnels > Funnels

  5. Click on a funnel you want to track to open it

  6. Click on the "Settings" tab in the upper right

  7. Click the Add New Webhook button in the lower right

  8. Enter the following information:

    • Name: LTV Numbers

    • URL: Paste the LTV Numbers Webhook URL and edit the Webhook URL by replacing "clickfunnels" with "dropfunnels"

    • Event Type: Lead Created, Lead - Two Step Order, Member Created, Product Purchased - All, Product Purchased - Main, Product Purchased - Order Bump, Product Purchased - Upsell/Downsell

      • Note: Select all event types except for Subscription Payments using shift + click to multiselect and/or ctrl + click to add to a selection

  9. Click the Create This Webhook button to create a webhook for this funnel

  10. Repeat steps 5-10 for each funnel you want to track

Historical Sales Data

After setting up webhooks to pull in real time sales data, import your past sales for a complete picture of your data

Export Historical Sales Data From DropFunnels

  1. In DropFunnels’ side navigation bar, go to Funnels > Global Sales

  2. In the date range selector, choose a date range to export

    • Note: We generally recommend at least one year of data to accurately reflect the current state of the business

  3. Click the Export button and save the CSV file to your computer

Enable Funnel Analysis With Per Funnel Exports & Manual Funnel Data Entry

  1. Export per funnel

  2. Edit csv to include two new columns: funnel and funnel_name

  3. Get the funnel ID from the url and paste it into every row of the funnel column

  4. Enter the funnel name in every row of the funnel_name column

Import DropFunnels Historical Data Into LTV Numbers

  1. Follow the instructions for Uploading Data into LTV Numbers to upload your DropFunnels Sales

DropFunnels Limitations

  • Some product names may initially appear as their product ID because no name is provided in the historical data export. However they will be renamed when a webhook sale is processed

  • Historical data exports do not contain funnel names or IDs natively

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