Creating A Custom Data Format

Create a custom data format and upload your contact or payment data CSV into LTV Numbers

  1. In LTV Numbers' side menu, click "Upload" to get to the Data Uploader

  2. Click the "Choose File" button and select your file(s with the same format)

  3. Click "New" under Choose Format

  4. Enter a clear and descriptive name for your data format by including relevant identifying information such as the platform name, data type (contact or payment), and the purpose of this custom format

  5. Select the Data Type and click Add

  6. For each relevant section, assign the data from your file to the field in LTV Numbers

    • E.g. assign the Date Created in your file to the CONTACT Created Datetime in LTV Numbers

  7. Verify each field is assigned properly by checking the preview from your file. If the file preview is not enough, open your file.

  8. Click Save and Next to save your custom data format and begin the upload process for your file

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

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