Expectations and Agenda of Insights Call

Be sure that you understand how to do these after this. If not, let us know in that chat and we can guide you on how to specific tasks that are relevant to your business and how you want to view data.

On the Insights call, we will go over the following with you:

  • Your Insights Doc

  • How to use the daily dashboard

    • Comparing reports between different time periods

  • Journey Dashboard highlights

    • Understanding Frontend to backend conversion rate

    • Seeing an increase in backend revenue

    • Viewing Top 5 products and/or funnels with the highest revenues and their general customer journeys

  • Analysis Page highlights

    • View LTV of top products or funnels that bring in the most number of customers

    • Consider LTV of products or funnels or traffic channels that you want to focus on

    • Understand how number of customers alive affects the accuracy or significance of LTV on the graph

  • Path Analysis

    • Understand how LTV Gain column gives meaning to the “hotness” of your product or funnel or traffic channel

    • View how long it takes for a customer to come back and buy, on average

    • Build a customer journey based on products sold, traffic channels by which they’re sold, funnels on which they’re sold

    • For subscriptions, what is your retention rate? Any other purchases made on top of the subscription to help boost LTV? Can we create demand for other products, maybe they already exist within the subscription that we can sell separately if subscription is too much to consume?

  • Customer/Payment Tab

    • Identify the top 10% of customers based on LTV, number of orders, etc.

    • Identify 30th-70th percentile of customers and figure out how to market to those people

    • Export and upload to create lookalike audiences in your ad platforms

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