Daily Dashboard Quick Tutorial

This is a brief tutorial on how to use the Daily Dashboard.

  • The Daily Dashboard is supposed to be used daily, hence the name. But you really only need to spend 5 minutes tops every single day here to check up on the health of the business.

  • On the top left, you will see a comparison graph of how your business is doing today versus a certain date. The default date you're comparing with is yesterday and the default metric is "Sales Volume".

    • You can change the date to compare today's metrics to any date in the past. However, you cannot compare two dates in the past.

    • You can change the metric to compare either "Sales Volume", "New Customers", or "Orders".

  • On the top right, you will see all of the recent activity. Statuses included "Frontend", "Backend", and "Rebill".

    • Frontend and Backend definitions are in the Insights Doc.

    • Rebill is defined as a repeat order e.g. a subscription.

  • If you scroll to the bottom, you can see reports for certain periods compared with other periods. In this case, you can mess around and change the date range of the Reports section to the

    • past day

    • past week

    • past 30 days

    • past 90 days

    • past year

  • On the left side of the reports, you will see the sales (the $) and on the right, the number or orders.

  • We break them down by frontend and backend so you can see whether you've made new sales today or whether your customers are coming back to buy from you.

  • Scroll down some more and you will see the sales and orders being broken down and sorted by your top 5 products, funnels, and affiliates.

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