Uploading Data Into LTV Numbers

Optionally enrich your LTV Numbers account with payment or contact data, typically exported from your sales platform or CRM and often in CSV format


Note this process is not always necessary or helpful.

If you have any questions or are unsure about any part of this process, please contact the LTV Numbers team before uploading any data to ensure the accuracy of your LTV Numbers account remains intact.

Prepare Your File

  1. Before exporting payment or contact data from your sales platform or CRM, filter the data to only the desired data you wish to include in LTV Numbers

    • Note: an example of desired data is successful payments. Examples of undesired data are be payments already in LTV Numbers or failed payments

    • Note: this process can also be done manually by deleting rows of data

  2. Export the file and save it to your computer

    • Note: if you have the option, choose CSV format for the file format and UTC for the time zone

  3. Check the file to make sure it contains the information you want to include in LTV Numbers

    • For the analysis, you should assign as many fields as possible. So if your file does not contain some information, consider adding it manually

Upload Your File

  1. In the LTV Numbers side navigation bar, click "Upload" to get to the Data Uploader

  2. Click the "Choose File" button

  3. Select your file and click Next

    • Note: if you have multiple files of the same format, you can multiselect them to upload them all at once. Ensure each file is the same data type. Do not select files for payments and contacts for different platforms all at once.

  4. Select the data type that matches your file in the Data Format selector, then click Next

    • Note: for advanced users with non-standard data formats, follow these instructions on Creating A Custom Data Format. Or select it in the Data Format selector if you've already created one.

  5. Ensure you selected the correct data format, then click Upload to begin the upload process for your file

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

  6. Optional: Repeat this process for any additional data types you need to upload

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