Konnektive and Checkout Champ are the same underlying service with two different names and skins. The instructions below apply to both.

Create An API User

In order to grant LTV Numbers access to your data via the API, you must create an "API User" inside of your CRM account

  1. Log into the CRM side of CheckoutChamp / Konnektive

  2. Create an API User by following the instructions here and note the additional instructions below as you complete the steps

  3. Go to Admin > Users and click the + button in the top right to create a new user as follows:

    • Username: "ltv_numbers_api" or something similar to clearly identify the LTV Numbers API user

    • Email Address: Your email address

    • Access Level: "Api User"

    • IP Whitelist: "GOOGLE"

    • Password: Generate or choose a secure password and save it for a later step and for your records

      • IMPORTANT! Do not use an ampersand (&) character in your password

    • Allowed API Endpoints: Select "Coupon" and all permissions that contain "Query" as shown below, then click Create

      • Hint: use ctrl + f to help you find "query" on the page

Connect To Konnektive Via API

Grant LTV Numbers access to your data via the API User you created in the above steps, then sync your data

  1. In LTV Numbers’ side navigation bar, go to the "Settings" tab

  2. Click the "Connect with Konnektive" button in the integrations list and fill in the required information:

    • API Username: "ltvnumbers-api" or the same username from the "Creating An API User" section

    • API Password: The same password from the "Creating An API User" section

    • Account Name: The name of your Konnektive or CheckoutChamp account

    • Account Username: The username you use to sign into your Konnektive or CheckoutChamp account

  3. Click "Connect" to create the integration and be taken into it's settings

    • Note: no data is synced until you complete the steps below

  4. Pick an appropriate date range to import your existing data, and an appropriate sync frequency to import your data going forward to meet your analysis needs

    1. Note: we recommend syncing at least the past year of data

  5. Select the timezone that your Konnective account profile is set to. The timezone can be found be going to your account inside Konnektive, and then looking for "Timezone" inside the Account Information.

    • Note: This value must be set properly now to ensure that times are interpreted correctly. Incorrectly setting this value can result in payment times being incorrectly offset from the true value. Changing this property later can corrupt your data unless you set the date range to "All Time" and resync your data.

  6. Click "Sync Data"

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

Limitations & Notes

  • Chargeback dates and times

    • LTV Numbers' Refunds amount is calculated by adding up all refunds and chargebacks that occurred within the selected date range.

      • Note: This is how our users and our expert team expect to see this data presented.

    • Konnektive's Transaction Summary and Transaction Details reports and exports show chargebacks for transactions within the selected date range that were charged back at any point in time.

      • This is a limitation of Konnektive's handling of chargebacks in their data structure by labeling transactions as charged back, rather than including a chargeback as a transaction with it's own date separate from the transaction.

        • Note: Konnektive handles refunds as separate transactions from the initial purchase so refunds do not have the same problem as chargebacks.

    • Thus LTV Numbers' Refunds amount and the amount of Konnektive's Refunds + Chargebacks are not the same.

  • Timezones

    • Konnektive shows data in the time zone set in your account settings.

    • LTV Numbers defaults to choosing your local timezone wherever you are using it (which could change while traveling).

      • Set the LTV Numbers timezone for your Konnektive integration (to match the timezone of your Konnektive account for example), noting the on screen information to preserve data accuracy.

    • Thus to compare LTV Numbers and Konnektive data, you may need to account for timezone differences in your date range selections.

  • "Partial orders" in Konnektive are like abandon carts - the visitor started filling out the checkout form but did not make a payment or complete their purchase. Therefore no transaction occurred.

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