Connect To Keap Via API

  1. Go to the Settings page and click "Connect With Keap"

  2. Log into your Keap account if you're not already logged in

  3. Select your Keap account

  4. Ensure the Keap account you selected is the account you would like to sync, then click "Allow"

  5. Click "Sync Data" to initiate the data syncing process

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

Optional: Enable Lead LTV Analysis

This step is optional and is only necessary if you want LTV analysis of your leads.

Export Contacts From Keap

  1. In the Keap menu, go to CRM > Contacts

  2. Optional: if you have a specific date range of contacts you'd like to export, go to the Misc Criteria tab and enter the date range in the Date Created fields

  3. Click Search

  4. Click the checkbox above the search results to select all of your search results

  5. Click Actions > Export

  6. Select all fields

  7. Format: CSV

  8. Delivery Method: Download file in browser if available. If not, email to yourself and download it from there.

Import Contacts Into LTV Numbers

  1. Follow the instructions for Uploading Data into LTV Numbers to upload your Keap contacts

Done For You Service

If you would like our team to handle your account setup, data sync, and data validation for you, then please discuss this with us. We will have you create a user for and grant us access.

Keap Limitations And Notes

  • Due to Keap's limitations, UTM parameters can only be associated with contact records and not with payments, orders, or rebills. Therefore LTV Numbers can only provide UTM breakdowns and filtering for lead attribution analysis and not sale or rebill analysis.

  • Keap does not have a concept of sales funnels so LTV Numbers bins all Keap sales into a generic funnel called 'Keap Funnels'

  • Keap orders can be paid or unpaid. LTV Numbers only accepts orders that are paid.

  • Keap refunds are handled as standalone transactions with no indication as to what product or order item was refunded. Thus LTV Numbers handles refunds by assigning them all to a generic 'Keap Refund' product

  • Due to limitations with Keap, LTV Numbers only receives referral partner IDs for affiliate sales so affiliate names will appear as the referral parner ID.

  • Keap does not assign product IDs to products of the type 'special product' as they are intended for internal purposes. LTV Numbers handles these by binning all special products except for shipping in a generic catch-all product called 'Keap Special Product'. Shipping is binned in the 'Special: Shipping' product.

    • Some examples of special products:

      • Special: Product

      • Special: Category

      • Special: Shipping

      • Special: Free Trial Days

      • Special: Order Total

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