Insights Doc Overview

The Insights Document is your go-to document that the LTV Numbers team has prepared for you. This will be your FAQ doc, your notes doc, your benchmarks, etc. Use this however you please.

  • This document serves as a living, breathing action plan for you based on the insights made possible by the LTV Numbers software.

  • Page 2 is where you can access the Insights Call recording and the Calendar Links for Success Calls with specific members of the LTV Numbers team.

  • Page 3 is where you'll be able to see your software login information. If you decide to change your password, do let us know so that we can always access your data should there be any problems.

  • Page 4 is a summary of key terms used within LTV Numbers and the software views within your account. It is important that you understand the key terms listed as different platforms define these terms differently.

  • Page 5 is a quick summary of why tracking and understanding LTV is so important. It can help you focus on winners in the business, especially when we're looking at your data and offers over a long period of time.

  • Page 6 is a redirect page to our reference documentation and tracking link setups using UTM parameters. Head to the reference documentation if, let's say, you've added a new funnel to your account and want to add that into LTV Numbers, but we're not available to do so. The reference documentation should give you instructions on how to clearly navigate any unforeseen or new obstacles. As for the UTM parameters, refer to this if you want to know what UTM parameters are and if you want to set up UTM parameters. In it, you'll find a spreadsheet that can dynamically create appended links so that your traffic channels will contain UTM parameters.

  • Page 7 quickly summarizes the (soft) benchmarks for your company to hit in order to be able to being scaling your business. This is just the general trend that we've seen for our users over the years and it would be good to see your growth in this respect.

  • Page 8 is a summary of any important setup notes or data limitations to your account. Just keep this in mind when looking over your data, should yours be slightly unorthodox.

  • Page 9-13 will be the analyses made by our team and even hold strategies that we come up with during the Insights Call.

  • Page 14-16 will be notes from the Insights and Success Calls.

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