Connect To Digistore24 Via API

Grant LTV Numbers access to your data via the API User you created in the above steps, then sync your data

  1. In LTV Numbers’ side navigation bar, go to the "Settings" tab

  2. Click the "Connect with Digistore24" button in the integrations list

  3. Fill in the required information, following the on screen instructions:

    • API Key: follow Digistore24's instructions on generating an API key and name the application "LTV Numbers" and set the access level to "Full Access". Then copy and paste the API Key from Digistore24 into LTV Numbers.

    • Digistore24 ID: The ID you use to login to your online Digistore24 account (also visible at the top left of the screen once you are logged in).

  4. Click "Submit" to create the integration and be taken into it's settings

    • Note: no data is synced until you complete the steps below

  5. Select an appropriate date range to import your existing data to import your data

  6. Click "Sync Data" to sync your data

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

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