Set Up Webhooks

Webhooks pull your sales data in real time and should be set up first before importing historical sales data to avoid gaps in your data

  1. In LTV Numbers’ side navigation bar, go to the "Settings" tab

  2. Click the "Copy" button for your Webhook URL in the “Clickfunnels Integrations” section. You will paste this into ThriveCart at a later step

  3. In a separate browser window or tab, log into ThriveCart and go to your vendor account

  4. In ThriveCart, in the top right drop down, go to Settings

  5. Go to API & Webhooks in the lower right

  6. Go to Webhooks & notifications at the bottom

  7. Type "LTV Numners" into the Name field

  8. Paste the Webhook URL you copied from LTV Numbers earlier into ThriveCart's Webhook URL field and edit the Webhook URL by replacing "clickfunnels" with "thrivecart"

  9. Click the Save This Webhook button. ThriveCart should notify you that your webhook has been saved

Historical Sales Data

After setting up webhooks to pull in real time sales data, import your past sales for a complete picture of your data

Export ThriveCart Transactions

  1. In the middle of ThriveCart’s top navigation bar go to Transactions

  2. In the date selector dropdown menu, select "All Time"

  3. Ensure "All transactions" is selected in the transaction type dropdown menu

  4. Click "Download CSV" at the bottom of the page and save the file to your computer

Import ThriveCart Transactions Into LTV Numbers

  1. Follow the instructions for Uploading Data into LTV Numbers for your ThriveCart Transactions

ThriveCart and UTMs

Due to limitations with ThriveCart, all past UTM information is lost from the historical sales data and cannot be recovered. But you can start capturing UTMs to enable more in depth traffic analysis going forward. The method of capturing UTMs varies based on how traffic arrives at your ThriveCart checkout page.

Traffic Direct To ThriveCart Checkout Pages

If you send traffic directly to a ThriveCart checkout page, use the following structure in the links to your ThriveCart checkout pages:

ThriveCart URL UTM Structure[utm_source]=my_source&passthrough[utm_medium]=my_medium&passthrough[utm_campaign]=my_campaign&passthrough[utm_content]=my_content&passthrough[utm_term]=my_term

Traffic From Landing Pages To ThriveCart Checkout Pages

If you use landing pages that direct traffic to a ThriveCart checkout page, follow the steps below for each landing page to set up the UTM Passthrough Script. This script will automatically convert the links on the landing page into the ThriveCart URL UTM Structure above and update it with the UTMs present from the landing page URL.

  1. Navigate to the editor of the landing page that sends traffic to a ThriveCart checkout page

  2. Verify this landing page sends traffic to a ThriveCart checkout page as expected

  3. Paste the ThriveCart UTM Passthrough Script located below into the <body> or <footer> code of the landing page:

    • Note: if necessary, this script can also be placed in the <head> of the page but this may cause unintended behavior

  4. Save the landing page

  5. Repeat the steps above for each landing page that sends traffic to a ThriveCart checkout page

ThriveCart UTM Passthrough Script
<script src="" defer></script>

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