Guide to UTM Tracking

Facebook Tracking Template

Specifications for Facebook URL Parameters

About Facebook URL Parameters

Place the code below in the "URL Parameters" field under "Tracking" at the ad level:

Facebook Tracking Template

YouTube Tracking Template

Set up tracking with ValueTrack parameters - Google Ads Help (see Instructions section)

Place the code below in the "Ad URL Options" field at the "Ads & extensions" level:

YouTube Tracking Template

LTV UTM Builder (make a copy to edit)

UTM Information


There are 5 UTM tags with a hierarchy (as defined by Google’s Campaign URL Builder). They are:

  • Campaign Source (utm_source) – Identifies the source of the traffic (search engine, newsletter, facebook, etc.)

    • Values: search, newsletter, facebook, instagram, youtube, email, linkedin, twitter

  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium) – Identifies the medium which is sending the traffic (email, blog post, podcast, social, retargeting, etc.)

    • Values: email, blog post, podcast, social, retargeting

  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign) – Used to identify a particular campaign being run (an email campaign sequence, or a Facebook ad campaign)

    • Used to group links into an overall campaign. Name of a promotion (ie. indoctrination, chistmas_sale)

  • Campaign Term (utm_term) – Identifies any keyword terms used to refer to the traffic. Used mainly in pay-per-click ads where you’re bidding on keywords.

    • Only relevant when source = search

  • Campaign Content (utm_content) – Used to differentiate different ads which point to the same URL.

    • Determined by nature of content in order to tell links apart that go to the same page

    • Values: email1, email2, education, funny, entertainment, crazy_jump

  • utm_source

    • email, paid_email

  • utm_medium

    • broadcast, sequence or followup, cpa, cpm

    • email_broadcast, email_sequence, email_cpa, email_cpm

  • utm_campaign

    • [product_name], [sequence_name]

    • examples: 30_day_challenge, quiz_followup

  • utm_content

    • broadcast_20200615, quiz_followup_1, quiz_followup_2

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