Steps for Onboarding Process

  1. Pay your monthly fee via the checkout pages provided. This way, our team of engineers can get started on setting you up.

  2. Sign your agreement via DocuSign. It should be in your email. If not, let us know!

  3. Accept the Slack invitation - Slack is the best place to get in touch with us, ask questions, schedule calls, etc! Watch this video on a quick tutorial for Slack!

    1. Say hi and send us your mailing address and t-shirt size to receive free gifts as our thank you for choosing LTV Numbers. You can also share them here.

    2. If we are involved in your onboarding process, share the login info to your platforms so we can load in your data.

      1. Share logins with the team by dropping them in Slack or share it securely via LastPass to secure@ltvnumbers.com.

  4. Watch videos from the resource library to better understand concepts within LTV Numbers.

  5. Schedule your Onboarding/Insights Call using this link.

  6. Watch the educational videos on the dashboards that are sent out every other day to your email.

  7. Watch the Insights Docs overview video before your Insights Call.

  8. Once you gain access to your Insights Doc, have a sneak peek of your account and familiarize yourself with the tool. Prepare questions to ask on Slack or the Insights Call. Here are some videos on how to best play around with the tool:

  9. Attend the Insights Call. Review the Insights Call Summary after to make sure that you familiarize yourself with these concepts.

  10. After the Insights Call, within the first 7 days of using your account, follow these instructions.

  11. Use LTV Numbers to analyze your data and get actionable insights. Do these:

  12. In a few weeks, schedule your Success Call using this link here. We'll go over your homework and answer more questions here. Read this page for more info.

  13. Reach out to us anytime via Slack.

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