Connect With PayPal Via API

  1. In LTV Numbers’ side navigation bar, go to the "Settings" tab

  2. Click "Connect With PayPal" and follow the steps below to get the Client ID and Secret

  3. In a separate browser tab or window, log into the PayPal Developer Applications Dashboard

  4. Click "Apps & Credentials"

  5. Click "Live" to toggle into Live mode

  6. In the "REST API apps" section, click the "Create App" button

  7. Enter "LTV Numbers" as the app name and click the "Create App" button

  8. In the "Live App Settings" section, check all boxes under "App feature options" and click Save. This ensures the integration will have access to the information needed to load account data.

    • Click "Continue" if you see a confirmation popup

  9. Copy and paste the Client ID and Secret from the Live API Credentials at the top of the app page into LTV Numbers and click Connect

    • To show the Secret, click "Show" to display the value in the Secret column in the table that appears

    • Note: If you get an error message from LTV Numbers after clicking Connect, first ensure that the PayPal app permissions are correct. If the PayPal app permissions are correct and you're still getting the error, wait a few minutes and try again.

PayPal Data Sync


Only proceed if you have a thorough understanding of your data. If you have any questions or need help, reach out to our support team. This process cannot be undone, edited later, or stopped part way through.

Read the Documentation

  1. Carefully and thoroughly read the PayPal Data Integration documentation on the PayPal Data Integration page until you understand it

Data Sync

  1. Be sure you understand the PayPal Data Integration documentation and how it relates to your data needs

  2. Data Type: Select the appropriate Data Type that provides the data you want without introducing redundancy or duplicate records from your other data sources

  3. Date Range: Select an appropriate date range to import your existing data is relevant to your business that you'd like to analyze

  4. Sync Frequency: Select an appropriate sync frequency to import your data going forward to meet your analysis needs

  5. Double check that you've selected the appropriate Data Type

  6. Click "Sync Data"

    • Note: this process may take some time to complete

Limitations of PayPal

  • All PayPal payments do not have funnel information from the cart platform that PayPal is integrated with. The available information is limited to products that exist inside the PayPal account. This is why we recommend integrating directly with your cart platform and only integrate with PayPal if necessary.

    • Since funnel information for PayPal payments is lost, LTV Numbers will display PayPal payments in a generic "PayPal Payment Processor" funnel

    • For subscriptions that originate in a cart platform (such as Clickfunnels), rebill revenue will not be assigned to the original funnel in LTV Numbers but the revenue will still be processed and appear in the "PayPal Payment Processor" funnel

For limitations of PayPal with Clickfunnels, see Clickfunnels Limitations with PayPal

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